Windows 10 is out!!!  Please avoid jumping on this yet!
Your tech support staff thanks you for this little bit of kindness.
We don't use it yet, so we CAN'T answer your "how do I" questions until after we get a few days under our belts.  And as you well know, Microsoft operating systems tend to release with some very interesting "it doesn't work" type issues.  Let others experience the data loss and confusion, and lets see what it looks like in a couple more weeks.  We are excited to move to a new version of Windows, it appears that this one, on the surface anyway, is going to be a nice one.
UPDATE:  Now that I have had a few days, if you are using Window 8 or 8.1, and your system says its ready to go, and is asking for  your permission to install, go ahead!  The transisition from 8/8.1 to 10 is pretty painless.
More UPDATES:  Two weeks in, this article pretty much sums up our feelings right now.  Suggestion... Wait four more weeks or so, the first batch of patchs hit yesterday, more to come.  Lets see how it all looks September 10 or so.
If you install Win10, be aware of the privacy issues.  Or rather, the way you can gladly give Microsoft access to your world.  The page at has suggestions on what settings to switch on or off during a Win10 install.  Highly suggested.

You have seen the ads, Magic Jack, Vonage, etc.  Well, now SYIX is offering an easy WORKING way to get VOIP telephone service for your home or office.


Why VOIP?  Average monthly billing for a residential line, with ALL features, is around $5, including Long Distance in the USA.  All features, Call Waiting, Conference, Voice Mail, etc are in there.   Average monthly bill from ATT for "phone service" is $60+ with Call Waiting, etc.  And its VOIP too in many cases.  SYIX isn't in the phone business, we are just helping you find a way to turn off the old ATT land line and move on to modern VOIP phone service.  Signups are done on the phone or in the office, but you can maintain the service at the login link below.


Recommended Inexpensive VOIP Adapter: OBi100 VoIP Telephone Adapter and Voice Service Bridge

Check Available Phone Numbers and International Rates:  Numbers and International

Regular VOIP Client Access:  Login Page

FREE!  Stop Robo Calls! works great with VOIP


Commercial Service

PHONE NUMBERS $2.00  each monthly

e911 add $1.50 monthly

Usage (per Minute, billed in 6 second intervals) $0.011 in USA.

Toll Free Numbers Available, ALL services included



Monthly Rate:  $3.95 :: 60 Minutes Included

e911 Included

Nationwide Calling $0.011 (both directions!) per minute.

One Time Setup $1.75


CURRENTLY FREE Number Porting, most numbers can be ported to VOIP so you can keep your old number.  Call us about this before you make any changes with ATT!

We have changed our phone system from the "press 1" type to a more simple, ring everyone type.

And since its all new, we probably have or will break it.  If you have issues getting in to talk to us, BE SURE to leave voicemail!!! 





XP Users Permanently Vulnerable to New Internet Explorer Exploit

Read this great article by PC Magazine, if you are still using XP, they have now compromised your computer (potentially) and there seems to be no way to stop it.  Click on the title.

 Update:  May 3, Microsoft announces that they are going to go ahead and fix this bug for XP, sky quits falling for a few more days!

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Check out this site, it will let you opt-out of every imaginable mailing list, works well.


Lately, this term is getting a lot of attention!  Cryptolocker looks like this:

First thing to know, if you have this on your computer, currently at this time, your data cannot be recovered using "normal" methods.  So, we recommend you protect yourself from this one. 

Read more: Cryptolocker

Practically once a week we are helping someone out there undo the damage caused by a "we are from Microsoft" Phone Scam. They call  up purpoting to be from Microsoft and that they've noticed there is something wrong with your computer. The show you the 'errors' but unbeknownst to you, most of those same errors are in most computers. It's ridiculous how hard these guys work to get a few dollars from your pocket!

Read more: Avoid Phone Scams

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